How to Install Typhoon TV APK on Amazon FireStick

Typhoon TV (Previously Solex TV)

In this simple guide, we will show you how you can install the Typhoon TV APK on your Firestick, Firestick 4K, Android TV, and Fire TV devices within minutes. The same APK file also works on your other Android devices, but this tutorial is for Amazon Firestick/Fire TV and Android TV devices out there. If you are looking for the best rexdl alternatives you are in the right place.

Typhoon TV APK offers a vast collection of movies for an amazing streaming experience. When you stream a video on the Typhoon TV app, you will always get the highest quality streaming. This app only features movies that have been released in high-quality Blu-Ray, which means it only delivers high-resolution streaming for your pleasure. However, the only downside is the fact that Typhoon TV APK does not feature the latest releases until they have a Blu-Ray release, so you will have to rely on other streaming apps to get the latest titles.

Another great feature of this app is the one-click playback that lets you play any movie with just a single tap. You don’t have to wait for streaming links to load up or try the hit-n-miss process at all. What’s even better is the fact that this app doesn’t contain any Ads at all, so you don’t have to deal with distracting ads.


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Typhoon TV is a great streaming app; if you are looking for no-fuss movie streaming, here’s how you can install Typhoon TV APK on Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV devices.

How to install Typhoon TV on Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV

Here are all the steps you need to take before you can install Typhoon TV APK on your devices. First of all, you need to enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” on your device. Here are the instructions to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources for Firestick and Fire TV.

1. Head over to the Settings menu on Firestick. It’s available in the top-right corner on the home screen. how to install Typhoon tv on Firestick

2. Now, select My Fire TV or My Device. (whichever is available)

solex tv

3. Select Developer Options.

solex tv for Firestick

4. Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources option.

download solex tv apk on Firestick

5. When you try to turn on this option, the device will show you a security warning. Nothing to worry about, just click Turn On, and you’re done. solex tv apk

Now, your device is ready for the installation of Typhoon TV APK.

But, before you install the app, you need to install the Downloader app on your Firestick that will allow you to download and install Typhoon TV and any other app on your device.

Let’s get the Downloader app on your device.

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Install Downloader App on Firestick or Android TV

Downloader is an app that allows you to download and install any kind of APK files from the web. So, if you want to install Typhoon TV APK on your Firestick or Android TV then you need to install the Downloader app first. If you don’t know how to install the Downloader app then you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple guide to installing Downloader app for Firestick.

Android TV owners can download this app directly from the Google Play Store.

Once you have installed the Downloader app on your device, it’s time to install Typhoon TV.

Get on with it!

Install Typhoon TV APK on Firestick or Android TV

1. Open the Downloader app.

2. Select the textbox on the right.

how to get solex tv on amazon Firestick

3. A new box will pop up with an onscreen keyboard.

Enter the following URL/path:

Hit the GO button, and the download will start.

Typhoon tv apk download

4. Once the download is complete, hit the Install button to install Typhoon TV FireStick APK.

steps to install Typhoon TV APK

5. It will install in a few seconds.

how to use Typhoon tv on Firestick

6. When the Typhoon TV app is installed, you will see the App installed notification.

If you click Open, you can run the Typhoon TV app right away.

But, we recommend clicking Done.

Because we want to delete the Typhoon TV APK file to save some space.

set up Typhoon tv on Firestick

7. Click Delete to get rid of the unwanted APK file.

Typhoon tv for Firestick

8. Hit the Delete button again to confirm it.

how to install Typhoon tv on firestick

There you go! Typhoon TV is now installed on your Firestick, and you can enjoy the best movies with just a click.

Solex TV APK vs. Typhoon TV APK – Which one is it?

Unfortunately, Solex TV APK was hit with a copyright notice due to which the developer had to shut down the app; however, the same developers built the all-new Typhoon TV app from scratch to provide you with great streaming content. So, Typhoon TV is the new streaming app that works and is the official replacement for the Solex TV app.

Get Typhoon TV on Firestick Right now!

The above method works for both the Firestick and Fire TV and also any Android Tv devices, so you go ahead and install this awesome app on any of your chosen devices. If you run into any problems, then feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll help you out as quickly as possible. Now enjoy!

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