How to Cast Mobdro on Chromecast | Step by Step Installation Guide

We are going to show you exactly how you can cast Mobdro on Chromecast without having to follow any fancy procedures. We provide you with two simple methods that will allow you to use the Mobdro app on your Chromecast.

What is Chromecast?

Google Chromecast is a streaming media device that lets its users play content like music and videos on a TV.

The Chromecast adapter is a small dongle that plugs directly into the TV’s HDMI port while a USB cable connects to a USB-port to power the device. A smartphone app for the Chromecast makes it possible for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to be used as a TV remote. Once you start streaming through Chromecast, you don’t have to keep the smartphone app open, and you can use the smartphone.tablet for any other purpose. Chromecast can easily cast content from multiple apps directly to your TV; these apps include, but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Mobdro, YouTube, Google Play Music, and more.

Mobdro on Chromecast is also available, which lets users stream content from Mobdro app (TV shows, movies, and more) directly to their TV with a Chromecast device. So, if you want to learn how you can use Mobdro on Chromecast, then you are in the right place.

Mobdro Chromecast Features

We have compiled a list of benefits and features that you will get with the Mobdro Chromecast setup. So, check out all the features that you can avail by using Mobdro on Chromecast:

  • You will be able to watch movies, TV shows, sports directly on your TV.
  • Most of the content on the Mobdro App is free to use and legal to view. (You need to keep an eye on any pirated content to avoid breaking laws in your region)
  • Different levels of resolution available for all content ranging from 360p to 1080p.
  • Exceptional audio quality that works perfectly on bigger systems like TV.

How to install Mobdro on Chromecast

There are two different methods of installing or using Mobdro on Chromecast. Both methods require you to cast your screens to your TV. So, choose whichever method you feel is best for you. Method 1 requires a premium Mobdro subscription, while Method 2 is entirely free.

Method no.1 – Cast Mobdro on Chromecast

The first method for using Mobdro on Chromecast is to use the Mobdro app to cast the streams on your TV. Chromecast feature is built-in the Mobdro app. However, keep in mind that this feature is only available to Mobdro premium users, which costs $2.99 per year.

  1. Plug the Chromecast adapter into your TV.
  2. Download Mobdro from here and install it on your Android smartphone/tablet.
  3. Open the Mobdro app after installing it.
  4. Now, open the menu by tapping the button on the top-left corner of the app.
  5. Tap the “Go Premium” option. Make the payment to gain access to premium features.
  6. After you have Mobdro premium, you can use the cast feature available inside the app.
  7. Now, start watching whatever you want.
  8. When the stream starts, you will see an icon at the top.
  9. Tap on the icon and the Mobdro app will search for all available casing devices nearby.
  10. Select your desired device (TV), and the stream will start playing on the TV.

Method no.2 – Setup Mobdro on Chromecast

Using this method, you can use the Google Home app to cast Mobdro content to the TV. Google Home is Google’s official casting app, which is perfectly compatible with Chromecast as well.

With this method, you don’t even have to buy the premium Mobdro subscription.

  1. Connect your Chromecast device to the TV.
  2. Download and Install both the Google Home app and Mobdro app on your Android smartphone/tablet.
  3. Open the Google Home app, tap the menu button, and select “CastScreen/Audio” You will see all available devices, select your device where you want to stream Mobdro.
  4. This will stream your entire Android phone’s screen on the TV.
  5. Open Mobdro on your phone and start a video. You will be able to watch the video on your TV as well through Chromecast.

How to Cast Mobdro to a TV without Chromecast

Don’t have a Chromecast? Don’t want to buy it just for Mobdro? Well, you are in luck because most smart TVs support Mobdro installation directly. You can easily install Mobdro on your Smart TV without much hassle and enjoy the entertainment without having to worry about Chromecast at all.

Here’s how to install Mobdro on a Smart TV.

Mobdro on Chromecast Reviews

Mobdro on Chromecast has many reviews across the World Wide Web. However, most of the users find themselves troubled with a few bugs. Since the Mobdro app is still in continuous development, there are definitely a few kinks to be worked out, but it’s still a much-polished app compared to some others out there in the market.

Hopefully, our tutorial about how you can use Mobdro on Chromecast is helpful to you and lets you enjoy all the goodness of this app on your Chromecast. If you run into any problems, then feel free to comment below and let us know.

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