Insight IPTV Review 2019 – How to Install Insight on Kodi, Android and FireStick

insight iptv review 2019

What is Insight IPTV?

The Insight IPTV is an IPTV solution that works on multiple devices and also as a Kodi Add-on. It’s a service that provides you with an easy way to watch your favorite TV channels and live TV shows.

The Insight IPTV service offers more than 1500 live TV channels from all across the World. They also have a video on demand service included that offers over 600 blockbuster series and PayPerView content.

Insight IPTV provides you different types of TV channels and a bunch of categories which include, but not limited to Sports, Entertainment, Live shows, Kids, Science, Adult, and Music Videos.

The Insight IPTV service is quite simple to set up on a plethora of different devices and quite easy to use. It provides you with a beginner-friendly EPG menu which allows you to scroll through a list of TV channels so you can choose the ones you want to watch.

You can watch some of the best TV channels and get access to awesome content through the Insight IPTV service on multiple devices.


Insight IPTV Pricing and Plans

Insight IPTV does not have a monthly plan, but they do offer a 24-hour trial which will cost you $4.90, rather expensive. The 3-months plan starts at $27.70 and is definitely one of the best-selling packages for this IPTV.

The 6-months plan costs $47.90 while the Yearly plan comes with a $91.70 price tag. If you are unsure about which plan to opt for then it’s recommended to go for 3-months plan.

Each plan gives you 2 connections which means you can use the service on 2 devices simultaneously.


Insight IPTV Channel List

When it comes to channels, Insight IPTV does shine. They have nearly 1500 channels and 600 videos on demand available for their users. If you are a sports fan then you will be glad to know that Insight IPTV offers almost every sports channel out there.

So, you will always be able to watch your favorite sport through this service. For more information regarding each channel, check out the official channels list.


How to install Insight IPTV on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android Box

If you want to install Insight IPTV on one of your Android devices then you are in luck because it has a very simple way of installing the app on your device and setting it up for channel streaming. Make sure you have successfully signed up for the service and received your account details through email.

Here’s how you can install it on your Android device:

First of all, you need to install Perfect Player from Google Play store or from

Once installed,

  1. Open the Perfect Player app
  2. Goto Perfect Player Settings (cog icon)
  3. Choose General
  4. Choose Playlist 1
  5. Now, type the m3u line you received by email in the below-given format
    (Remember to replace your m3u Username and Password with the one provided to you via email)
  6. Type a name for the playlist
  7. Select OK
  8. Select EPG 1
  9. Now, type the xmltv line that you received in email, in the following format.
    Delete the xxxx after username= in the url at the top and enter your username.
    Delete the xxxx after password= in the url and enter your password there.
  10. Click on the little triangle in the dropdown menu and change download option to “Download at Each Update” and select OK.
  11. Press Back Twice.
  12. Press the button with 3-lines on your remote or touch screen, touch little square icon top left.
  13. Change Epg settings to Hide Epg.

If you perform all steps correctly then you should have a Channel List and EPG. If the channel list doesn’t load then the corresponding url has a typo, check it again to make sure there are no typos in the URLs above.


How to install Insight IPTV on Kodi

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Kodi. After, You need to choose the PVR client. To do this, select the TV option and then hit the Add-on browser button.

  1. Select Enter add-on browser
  2. Now choose PVR IPTV Simple Client
  3. Click on Configure
  4. Click General
  5. Set the Location to Remote Path (Internet Address)
  6. Now, tap the Select M3U Play List URL option
  7. Now, you need to add the m3u URL. This URL is available in the email that you receive from Insight IPTV after sign-up. Make sure that the type is set to “m3u_plus” and the output is set at “ts”. Now, hit OK.
  8. If you have already downloaded the M3U text file on your network/computer/Android box then set the Location to Local Path (include Local Network)
  9. Again, Select the M3U Play List URL option
  10. Now, browse your device or network and locate the m3u file and select it.
  11. Hit OK and select Enable
  12. Wait for the channels to load. You will get a notification telling you when the channels are loaded.
  13. Go to home screen and select TV again, this time you will see something like the screenshot below.

You will be able to see all the listed channels successfully. If you don’t then go back to the first step and see if you missed anything. Also, restarting Kodi often works and the channels are loaded perfectly fine after a restart.


What’s the best way to watch Insight IPTV? Kodi or Android player?

Well, personally, I think the simple way of watching Insight IPTV through Perfect Player is the best way. You don’t have to worry about setting up Kodi or any other things. Just install Perfect Player on your Android device and set it up to watch all the channels without any problems.

However, if you are already using Kodi and have it up and running then it’s definitely one of the best ways to set up and watch this IPTV service.


Insight IPTV Conclusion

In the end, I’d like to say that Insight IPTV is definitely a great service. However, keep in mind that they are a bit on the expensive end and don’t offer a free trial either. So, if you are good with paying a bit extra then this is definitely a service you should try.


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  1. Insight IPTV does no longer work. M3u issues which they cannot fix, customer service ignore you and do not respond. 5 days of no service. Really poor recommendation.

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