Typhoon TV (Previously Solex TV) – All You Need to Know


Typhoon TV APK

Unfortunately, Solex TV has been shut down due to copyright notices, so the developers have created a new streaming app known as Typhoon TV APK which works similar to Solex TV. So, those of you who want to use the new app should visit the same official website where you will find the latest Typhoon TV APK. The Solex TV website now automatically redirects to the Typhoon TV website, so you got nothing to worry about.

What is Solex TV (Typhoon TV)?

Solex TV is one of the best streaming apps available for the Android platform at the moment. This is definitely one of the unique streaming apps out there with a different layout and a plethora of fresh new features. What sets it apart from other streaming apps in the fact that it is entirely Ad-Free so viewers don’t have to worry about running into ads every now and then when enjoying their favorite content.

Typhoon TV APK Supported Platforms

Officially, Solex TV is only available for Android devices, which include, but not limited to, Android phones, tablets, and TV boxes. However, with specific workarounds, the Solex TV APK can be installed and used on other platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and to some extent, even Roku devices. If you want to install and enjoy the app on any other platforms than Android, then check out our installation guides.


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(Solex TV) Typhoon TV App Features

This app offers a bunch of features that make life easier for its users. However, the app does lack certain features that other apps offer like RealDebrid and Trakt integrations, but still, Solex TV APK offers all of the core features that you would need in a streaming app.

One-Click Streaming: This app offers one-click streaming, which means you don’t have to worry about finding working links for your favorite movie or TV show. Just tap the film you want to play, and it will automatically detect the working link and start streaming for you.

Huge Library: Similar to other streaming apps out there, the Solex TV app also offers an extensive library of latest and classic movies and TV shows. Almost all of the latest movies and TV shows are available in the app.

Requesting Channel: This app provides a simple way to request your favorite content. All you have to do is go to the request a movie section in the app and ask for your favorite movie to be added to the app, and developers will do their best to get it added.

Third-Party Player Support: This app also lets you stream your content via any third-party media player you want. You can also play the content through the built-in player if you wish to, but for those who are a fan of third-party players, there’s a simple way to play the content via any other media player.

(Solex TV) Typhoon TV (Apps like Typhoon TV)

There are numerous apps out there that provide similar features like this app. Personally, we think that this app is not as feature-rich as some of the other streaming apps, so you should also check out apps like the following.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Solex TV app by most newbie users.

Is the APK Free?

Yes, the Solex TV app is completely free to download and use. You don’t have to pay anything to use this fantastic streaming app on your devices. There are many other free streaming apps available as well, but we think that Solex TV gets the job done perfectly.

Is this App Legal?

We are not lawyers or lawmakers, so we are not sure if this app is legal in your region or country, but as far as we think the app is not entirely legal; however, if you only stream public-domain movies (which we recommend) then the app is entirely legal to use.

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Is (Solex TV) Typhoon TV TV Down?

Well, this is quite a common question that most new users ask. Most of the time, the app does not show any content, so people assume that the app is down, but that’s not the case. All you have to do is restart the app, and it should start working perfectly. To be safe, restart your device, and the app should start working again without any issues.

Where to download (Solex TV) Typhoon TV APK?

If you want to download Solex TV APK on any of your devices then head over to the official website. Never download the APK from any other website because it might be a virus that can infect your device and cause serious trouble for you. Always download apps and APK files from their official websites only.

Is Typhoon TV iOS Real?

No, Typhoon TV for iOS is not real and if there are websites claiming that an iOS version of the app is available then we recommend that you steer clear of such websites because they are 100% a scam. Typhoon TV APK is only available for Android devices but can be used/installed on other platforms like Windows, Roku, and some other devices with simple workarounds. However, it can not be installed or used on any iOS device at all.

Typhoon TV (Solex TV) Installation Guides

How to Install Typhoon TV APK on Amazon FireStick

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