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Live NetTV

What Is Live NetTV?

Live NetTV is an android application just like Mobdro (We have already talked about Mobdro and how to install it on multiple devices). It is an application designed for people who want to enjoy watching their favorite TV channels on the go without paying a single dime for the service, well, then is it legal? we will discuss that later as we go down further in the article.

So, Live Net TV is a straightforward and painless app to install and it’s only compatible with Android OS, which includes handheld Android phones, Android boxes, Android tablets, or any other device that runs Android OS. Fortunately, the Live Net TV app can also be installed on PC (Microsoft Windows/Linux) or Mac (including Macbooks) too through a bunch of third-party software (Android emulators). You can check out the links to all the tutorials at the end of this page. 

Live NetTV – Features, And Channels

The app provides 800+ Live TV channels as stated on their official website other than that contains a huge amount of movies in the VOD section, the Live Tv channels categorized into sports, entertainment, news, movies, documentary, cooking, kids, music, and religion and then divided country wise. The VOD section contains Indian, Hollywood, Pakistani, Punjabi, and Animated movies.

The app also has a live sports event section where different sporting events, like archery, are listed a week ahead according to your local time so the user can access their favorite sporting event on the go.

The app also has support for Chromecast, which means the user can cast the available content onto their devices to watch it on big-screen.

Is Live NetTV Free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. You can enjoy all the channels and movies without paying a single dime. The app offers all the services for free; however, there are ads in the app so you will have to bear an ad or two at different times. We think that a couple of ads every now and then is not really intrusive at all and it’s definitely worth it.

Is Live NetTV for iPhone?

No, Live NetTV for iPhone or any other iOS device is not a real thing. There are numerous websites out there that will tell you that Live Net TV works on iPhone or iPad, but that’s simply not true. These websites just want you to download a bogus app on your iPhone that’s not the official app.

You can check out the official website to see that Live Net TV is not available for download on iPhone or any other iOS device at all. So, we recommend that you steer clear of any website that tells you it’s available on the iPhone.  You can also reach out to the developers of the official Live NetTV app via their website and ask them to be sure.

Is it Legal and Safe?

Now let us discuss if the app falls into the grey area or not, as the absence of the app on the Google Play store is a shred of evidence that the app does not fall into the legal world of streaming.

Technically, the app itself is a portal for TV channels that most of them are not free to air, so no the app is not completely legal and we recommend that to avoid any trouble using the app, everyone uses a secure VPN. As far as safety and security are concerned, Live NetTV is absolutely safe to use and does not require any extra permissions. It is better to download the app from the official website to avoid any virus or spyware. Never download any apps from unreliable sources as those could contain spyware or other threats.

Download the app from the official website

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Live NetTV is a great and easy to use app that has 800+ TV channels effortlessly accessible to the user on the go, with most of the channels with fabulous and clear high-definition quality, the developers have put a great effort into the maintenance of the app and keeping it alive without getting a single dime from the consumer is worth applauding. 

Live NetTV Installation Guides

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