Iconic Streams IPTV Review – All-new and Affordable IPTV

IconicStreams IPTV

IconicStreams IPTV is a newcomer in the IPTV field. However, they do offer a large selection of channels and an exceptional service for a very reasonable price.

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Official Response by Iconic Streams IPTV’s Owner

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Here’s the official reply we got when we inquired about the service and what was happening.

Hi! The service is working….you know that. Its just the middleware which is buggy and a nightmare. The middleware was xtream codes before. Now it is streaminity but this service is out of order because to many customers and this man was a one man show.

He cant handle all his IPTV clients now….
We are on a solution to make IPTV great again for our customers.
We are working on a selfcoded one as well which will be hosted by us as well and yeah we are at integration process with a other panel provider like streaminity and xtream codes is and was.

All customers who bought a 1 month package and more they can be sure that they will get 2-4 weeks for free on top of there package if all issues are fixed by us and/or by our middleware.

Thank you very much.

Oct 16, 2019

Iconics Streams IPTV Not Working

Sadly, the service has not been working for a while now. The Xtream Codes fiasco left most of the IPTV services out there completely nonoperational, and Iconic was one of them. Some days the service works flawlessly while other days, it doesn’t work at all. We have been told by the owner of the service that it will be back up within a week or so, and we’re hoping that’s true. In the meantime, you can keep checking back here to see when the service comes back online. We’ll keep updating the review.

Most channels are now back up and running. We’ve tried several DE and UK channels, and most are working perfectly as of Oct 16, 2019.

The service is down again. Oct 19, 2019.

The service is back up and running. Oct 21, 2019.

Iconic Streams IPTV is a Scam? No, it’s not.

Iconic Streams IPTV is a scam. After receiving numerous complaints from readers in email and comments, We decided to have a little chat with the IPTV customer support. They didn’t reply at all. So, we contacted our affiliate manager to see if they’ll help out, but no reply from the affiliate manager either. We created a couple of tickets in the hope of receiving a reply, but there was no luck. All our readers who’ve paid for a trial or any other plan have not received any account details or replies to their emails.

We have received a reply from Iconic Streams and looks like they’ve been busy dealing with the Xtream Codes fiasco and trying to get things back running. If you haven’t received your account details, then go ahead and check your email or contact Iconic Streams’ support team. Here’s the email we received:

Hi mate…..dont you know that xtream codes was shut down?
We have coded a xtream codes from scratch for us and all is working fine….just the auto delivery modul is not working.
We have to do a lot and worked like going crazy the last days….sorry for keep you waiting but all is good so for.
Do not worry.

We will send you the payment tomorrow and send you a proof of this as well.
Keep cool and relaxed!

All customers got there details and all tickets got answered till now. So the day where xtream codes shut down was hard and we focused and working on a solution and not chatting in tickets….We have send a lot a mass mails to clients and described them the situation. So no time to struggle.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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What is Iconic Streams IPTV?

IPTV is getting popular with people who want to cut-the-cord. IPTV is a digital service that streams all TV channels over the Internet, making it possible for users to get rid of traditional cable TV and switch to a cordless digital life. There are numerous IPTV services out there, and Iconic Streams is a new entrant in the field.

Iconic Streams claims to offer the best IPTV service out there, and in our Iconic Streams review, we are going to put the service to a real test and see if it’s worth the money or not.

Iconic Streams Review – Pricing and Plans

Iconic Streams offers a bunch of different plans and subscriptions to suit your needs. They also offer a 48-hour trial for just €4.50. They offer 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscription plans.

IconicStreams IPTV Plans

  • 1-Month = €15
  • 3-Months = €35
  • 6-Months = €60
  • 12-Months = €85

We have tested the service personally and keeping that in light, we can say that the prices are quite reasonable for the quality of service provided.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer JustStream does not verify whether IPTV providers or other streaming services/apps/add-ons hold the proper licensing for all the content delivered through said services and apps. JustStream does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to downloading or streaming copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for all the media accessed through any app or service referenced on this Website (www.juststream.io). Referenced apps/addons/services are not hosted by JustStream. All the guides, reviews, and tutorials are for educational purposes only.

That's why we recommend that you always use a secure VPN to stay safe as well

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Iconic Streams IPTV – Channel List

Iconic Streams IPTV shines when it comes to channels. They offer nearly 2500 channels in HD quality. It’s important to note that we haven’t personally tested all 2500 channels, but so far, every channel that we have tested has performed better than expected. There are some channels that go down sometimes, but it’s safe to assume that out of the advertised 2500 channels, at least 2000 must be working at any given time. The channel quality is great, some channels are SD quality, but most of the available channels are full HD.

If you are a sports fan, then you will be glad to know that Iconic Streams IPTV offers almost every sports channel out there. They also provide Video on Demand and other PPV content, including a full selection of Adult/XXX channels. For more information, check out the official website.

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Customer Service

In today’s world, there are numerous IPTV services out there fighting for customers’ attention, but the one thing that differentiates an excellent service from a bad service is customer support. If your IPTV service doesn’t have responsive customer service, then you are in for a world of hurt and disappointment. Luckily, Iconic Streams offers responsive customer support through email. For our Iconic Streams review, we sent a few emails through the provided email address and got a response within 24 hours (mostly 12 hours).

We hope that customer support stays the way it is right now. If you want a responsive customer support team that gets back to you in a timely manner and answers all your queries, then Iconic Streams is definitely a great choice.

Iconic Streams APK

Sadly, Iconic Streams APK does not exist. The service does not offer an APK, but that does not mean you can not enjoy this amazing IPTV service on your Android devices. You can use any IPTV player like IPTV Smarters or M3U Player (or any other player for that matter) to enjoy this exciting service on your Android phone or tablet. If there are websites out there claiming to offer Iconic IPTV APK or IconicStreams APK, then you should steer clear of them because that’s 100% a scam, and downloading such files could seriously damage your Android device.

How to install Iconic Streams IPTV on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android Box

If you want to install and stream Iconic Streams IPTV on a Firestick or any other Android device, then you’ll be glad to know that it has an effortless way of installing the app on your device.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have successfully signed up for the IconicStreams IPTV service and received your account details through an email.

Here’s how you can install Iconic Streams on your Firestick or another Android device:

First of all, you need to install Perfect Player from Google Play Store or https://www.niklabs.com

After installing Perfect Player,

1. Open the Perfect Player app.

2. Tap the Settings icon (cog icon).

3. Select General.

4. Select Playlist 1.

5. Now, enter the m3u line that you received in the email.

For Examplehttp://iconic-streams.com:80/get.php?username=XXXX&password=XXXX&type

(Remember to replace XXXX with your username and password respectively, provided to you via email)

5. Enter a name for the playlist.

6. Select OK.

7. Press Back Twice.

8. Press the button with 3-lines on your remote, tap the little square icon in the top left corner.

9. Change EPG settings to Hide EPG.

If you perform all the steps correctly, then you should have a Channel List and EPG. If the channel list doesn’t load, then the corresponding URL has a typo; recheck it to make sure there are no typos in the URLs above.

How to Set up Iconic Streams IPTV on Windows, Linux, and Mac

1. First of all, download VLC media player on your Windows (Linux or Mac) machine.

2. Open the VLC media player.

3. Click Menu > Open Network Stream.

Select Open Network Stream in VLC Player

4. Enter the Network URL that you received from IconicStreams IPTV and click the Play button.

IconicStreams IPTV Review

5. VLC Player will load the TV channel and start streaming it on your PC.

6. If you want to access the channel list, then press CTRL + L.

Iconic Streams Channels List

How to install IconicStreams IPTV on Kodi

You need to make sure that you have the latest version of Kodi installed. After, you need to select the PVR client. In order to do this, select the TV option and then hit the Add-on browser button.

  1. Click Enter add-on browser.
  2. Now choose PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  3. Select on Configure.
  4. Select General.
  5. Set the Location to Remote Path (Internet Address).
  6. Select the M3U Playlist URL option.
  7. Now add the m3u URL. This URL is available in the email that you receive from Iconic Streams IPTV after signing-up. Make sure that the type is set to “m3u_plus” and the output is set as “ts” Now, hit OK.
  8. Wait for the channels to load completely. Kodi will notify you when the channels are loaded.
  9. Go to Kodi’s home screen and select TV again, this time you will see Iconic Streams IPTV fully loaded and ready to stream.

You will see all the listed channels successfully if you don’t, then redo all the steps carefully.

Iconic Streams IPTV Video – 2-Minute Review

Iconic Streams IPTV Review – Conclusion

We think that IconicStreams IPTV is a solid service that rivals some of the biggest services out there. However, it’s relatively new, so we suggest that you do proper research before purchasing a plan. So far, the service has only positively surprised us, so we think that it’s definitely worth the money. If you are looking for a new IPTV service, then Iconic Streams is worth a try.

Get IconicStreams IPTV Right Now!

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83 thoughts on “Iconic Streams IPTV Review – All-new and Affordable IPTV”

  1. Paid for 48hr trial yesterday and still no email or info received. I emailed them twice since and still nothing. Smells like a scam to me! Stay away

    • Hey Brian,

      I’ve emailed them regarding these complaints. I’ll update as soon as I hear something. I’ll do my research and see if there’s something fishy going on, if so then I’ll update the main post.

      • That’s really sad. I urge everyone to stay away from them until we hear something. Don’t buy IconicStreams, no trial, no nothing. This looks like a scam to me. I have removed all the affiliate links from the article, hopefully this will keep new readers from buying the service.

        Check the update in the post. The service is up and running again. Contact Iconic Streams via email to get your account details if you haven’t already received them.

    • Hi there I just paid as mate says there brilliant and got a email saying I paid yet got no information to and to my device. I open ticket ? yet still got no information just saying we got ticket so I don’t no if I be rip of or not. Can any one give me some adivce please who I contact. http://iconicstreams.com/store/index.php
      Thank you. Tom.

    • I had exactly the same. Paid, got a receipt and then nothing. I just get automated email replies. I agree, its a scam.
      Makes me wonder if these guys writing and praising the company are part of the scam.

  2. I paid for the three month subscription, worked fine for the first month. Since mid September it hasn’t. Only advice from iconic streams is that it is an industry wide problem and they are trying to fix it. No refund.

    • Hey Martin,

      I’m working on it. I’ve messaged their customer support and the affiliate manager for an answer, but have not received any replies so far. I’ll give them till Monday and then I’ll update the review with my findings. Honestly, I smell a scam because they’ve completely ghosted me so far.

      • Hi,

        I am still in the same position. Subscription paid, no service, no response. Iconic streams might be responding and advising you everything is okay but until the people on this chat receive the service they paid for then you should not be recommending it.

        It was very good for a month but at the minute it is zero on my recommendation scale.



        • Hey Martin, thanks for letting me know. Right now, the Iconic Streams website is down so I can’t reach out to them via the Support Center. I’ll email them and see what’s up. They’ve told me things will be back to normal in a week or so, but as you know IPTV services come and go, so our recommendations are based on our experience at the time of the review. However, I’ll update the review when I have confirmation.

          • Hi,

            Update: after 12 days iconic responded to say streams are back but some channels are not available.

            My stream is back, I am having problems where the channel stops and jumps to the next. The only way to resolve is to shut down and restart.
            Iconic is improving but for new customers I suggest you approach with caution. It is still having difficulties and customer service is very slow to respond with poor information.



          • Hi,

            Further update, the service worked like a dream yesterday. Today back to the old drop out. At the minute I’ve zero channels!

            I’ve run it with and without a VPN, check my speed, restarted my PC and the same issue. It is also limited to this, everything else works.

            It’s 3 weeks since this started, the first month was great but this is terrible. If it isn’t sorted in another week I will let my subscription run out and look elsewhere.

            I cannot recommend to new customers at present. Your review should have the same health warning !



          • Hey Martin,

            Thanks for the constant updates. I used the service yesterday and as you said, it was working like a charm, but haven’t had any luck today. I’m giving them a week to sort things out before I make a permanent change to the review. The Xtream Codes drama did hit a lot of services, I have a bunch of other services as well, and trust me, nearly 70% are suffering from these hiccups. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon, as I personally like Iconic Streams.

        • Final update on this as it’s almost a month. Iconic streams has moments of glory but every day I have channel drop outs. Every evening it shuts down (UK channels) like a reboot for 20-30 minutes.
          I hope potential users read the reviews rather than the big bold letters that it’s great.
          The truth is, it use to be great and now it’s a pain. I don’t know if the other IPTV providers have the same issues but my advice is don’t believe the great review. Read this and the other user posts. Try it with caution or try a different provider.
          I’d be more forgiving if iconic streams advertised that it is having issues at present rather than duping people into signing up thinking everything is wonderful.
          I will be trying an alternative service, recommendations welcome.

  3. hi dilawer
    just want to say u did a good job and i appreciate how u investigatd the matter and provided updates on it. Im glad that the iptv service contacted everyone and cleared the matter. thanks again

  4. I paid for 48 hour trial over a week ago, and still have not received service. I put in two tickets and usually get a reply each time within 24 hours, apologizing and stating I will get an email with my login today, but no emails were ever rec’d.

    • I have talked with their team and I am sure you will receive your details soon. The system is backed up according to their support team with a lot of tickets and the automation module is down, that’s why they have to manually send out everything. That’s what I’ve been told so far, so I suggest you wait it out, maybe. Send them an email and see what happens. Keep us posted though.

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation. ( NO WONDER YOU SCAMMER !)


    Paid for 48hr trial yesterday and still no email or info received. I emailed them twice since and still nothing. Smells like a scam to me! Stay away

    • Hey, calm down, haha. It’s not MY service and all comments need to be moderated before we post them. I hope things get sorted out because Iconic Streams is coming back online. Their automation module is down probably will have to manually send your details. Reach out to them again.

  6. I think I been rip of. Definitely
    But I hope wrong few u guys been waiting two weeks I order last night got email back saying thanks payment. But no information to add to my device as yet. I like to thank. https://dilawar.me For try to find out what going on. I would be very careful
    Till we no what’s going on. Once bite twice shy.

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m guessing the service is overwhelmed at the moment, so I’d suggest not buying any plan until things get sorted out. I’ll keep you guys updated with any developments.

      • Dilawar,

        If it’s not your service and you’re not affiliated why is there big bold letters still recommending it as a good service. Provide a health warning like the crossed out scam warning.
        You posted a good review and the only way for potential users to find out the service is very bad is to read these small user reviews. Man up and put a health warning in the same font as your review recommending it.

        • Hey Martin,

          Thanks for the suggestions. If you check, you’ll see that the first paragraph pretty much warns people that the service is not working and should be avoided for now. Do let me know if you have any questions.

      • Hi Dilawar, having read your comments, I think you are genuinely trying to pass on good advice.
        I can only tell you my personal experience.
        A week ago I paid for a trial, got a receipt, but never received the service. It shows as pending and like other comments, they just keep sending me automated replies and nothing gets done. Its not the money, couple of bucks, its the principle. If this is NOT a scam, then the company should learn about how to deal with customers and just tell them the truth. It appears as though several companies have a problem with their streams at the moment. If that is the case with Iconic, then they should have stopped taking new customers money until its resolve. At best that is dishonest!

        • Hey Mateth,

          Thanks for the kind words. Please check out the new update in the post. We’ve received an official reply from the owner of Iconic Streams IPTV. Hopefully, things will get sorted out soon, also I personally don’t think that it’s a scam, but you never know.

  7. Well I paid for a month yesterday , received receipt , order confirmation – but no details on activation . Opened a ticket but no reply ….just a “pending” notice .

    My advice ? Stay away . Save your money !

    • Three full days on and still no service or money back – just a reply saying it would be sorted in 6 hours . That was over a day ago

      Iconic Streams is fraudulent

      Under no circumstances give money to these conmen

      …and I must say this forum is very , very suspect for failing to call out this outfit for what they are .

      • Sorry for lateness of update – but anyway , after about 4 days and plenty of threats I eventually got the service . All they need to do is to make clear that it might take a while to activate the service and they wouldn’t get the grief .

        As for the product itself I have no complaints ; virtually all the links I’ve tried have worked fine and the EPG loaded fine .

  8. I signed up for 48hr trial, been waiting 2 hours now and no email with any information, they took my money and silence despite me emailing multiple times. Scam! Avoid!

  9. ok i owe a huge apology to iconicstreams. I was awaiting an email with my script but it was on the website, i just had to sign in and get the details from there. I have just installed my 48hr package using putty, it was very easy to do and working perfectly. Sorry iconicstreams

  10. paid for 48hr trial yesterday using mag box ,channels load but no content (video sound) . they tell me its my box needs firmware downgrade. But i have a provider already that works, so don’t think it will be that problem. 24hrs in and will give it up as a loss …

  11. Scammers.

    Paid for a 48 hour trial, deleted my account within minutes. So paid for a one-month access pass, deleted my account again just like before.

    Won’t respond to any emails.

  12. Patience is a virtue, not a scam.

    Paid for 48hr trial after receiving invoice for Paypal. Waited a couple of days, never received activation email but like Feargal logged into my account and followed his instructions.
    I wanted the IPTV service for my ipad so Under IPTV playlists found my details and entered those into IPTV Smarters. It didnt work as the http:// info was incorrect but i managed to get the right one from the webplaylist section under MYservices, entered that and now all working fine.

  13. I’m getting frustrated, i had choice of payment, got invoice and tried to pay it but it didn’t work so I did MC payment, I see payment is gone and that’s last I’ve heard, I sent tickets in with no replies, so now I’m thinking of trying to get my money back, I can’t even log in to see what’s up, I’ve changed password and still no access

  14. Dilawar,

    With a 45Mbps download speed but still buffering like crazy.
    Iconic streams always say something but cannot fix the issue. May be they are GREEDY and sold more connections than they support.
    Please don’t promote these people.

  15. Iconic Streams has become a scam. Never received my sub and they canceled my loging when i enquired. Stay a way or lose your money.

  16. Don’t bother with this service. Took 2 days after payment to get activated. Buffer City on a 300M connection. Tried to use it with Smarters, Tivimate etc. Noticed after 2 weeks they suspended my account with no notice and of course no refund. Waste of time and money.

  17. Iconic streams is obviously a scam. I signed up for just a month luckily and haven’t heard a dicky back since. Have contacted support and nothing back from them either. Foolishly paid by credit card so doubtful if I will get my money back. Avoid avoid avoid!

  18. signed up for a month, all confirmation emails went to my spam account. got it all up and running the next day, insane amount of channels. no VOD service as advertised.

  19. I signed up and paid for a month today., still no login info.. I checked my gmail spam and nothing.. submitted a ticket a short time ago and now I’m waiting..

    Any help is appreciated

  20. No, it is a scam.
    I was subscribing on a month by month basis with no problems however when I subscribed for a year they claimed they couldnt access their pay pal account.

  21. This is the worst IPTV i have ever subscribed to. No VOD or TV show. not a big choice of channels. I have tried a few iptv services and this one is by far the worst……Avoid

  22. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen, at the start I was like I’ll give them day or two to reply but It’s been more than a week
    since I paid to become their Reseller end up paying €175.00. I have tried to contact them through the ticket option so many times no answer what so ever. They also deleted on of my ticket when I asked them for refund. I have opened new ticket again today and I think they will delete again without answering back. €175.00 is a lot for me not sure what to do and how to get my money back.

    I paid them through PayPal and have opened case lets see the outcome, I hope I get my money back.

    People please avoid them you will lose your money like me so guys it’s not worth and avoid them.

  23. Wheres the proof this is not a scam, I’ve signed up for a month and got nothing back, nothing in knowledgebase, but the payment gateway is working alright, thankfully used a credit card so I’m disputing the transaction.
    Can you advise on the service as of now – please tell me how you are able to get it to work because I’ve followed your article in the absence of an email from iconic streams.

    Be honest – whats going on here?

    • Hey Dave,

      I have no idea whether the service is working consistently any longer. I’d suggest you stick to SportzTV for now. This one has had complaints recently. However, it wasn’t a scam when I tried it.

  24. January 2021 down again it has been two days now thing is do not know if this is temporary if they are fixing it or if this is for good. Customer service is not their forte. When it works it is a very good system and I really enjoy it,but too many times it goes down!

  25. Thieves! Scam! Chose a 6 month plan for 55 euro, was charged 63 euro. Asked for an explaination and they terminated my account and kept my money. Still fighting them for my money back. Stay far far away.

  26. Paid for this service for 1 month and have only been able to use it for 2 hours due to problems. Took many days of research and trying to find out how to use the information they provided and could only open it up on IPTV players. I never got much support or proper information and when they provide the information they assume you are a tech wizzard. Once I posted a bad review and asked for my money back my service was cut off and I have yet to see my money. I am wondering if they are affilliated with a couple of other IPTV servers which seem to have the same user login interface and setup???

  27. Dear everyone ,
    I have just taken a 3 months subscription , after i had paid , i got a few e mail to thank me for the purchase.
    The mail mentioned that it could take up to 8 hour before i was connected.
    1 Day later no info regarding install received , so i did opened a ticket to ask how i can connect and enjoy the service i had purchased.
    The answer was somewhat a message for what will come.
    I need to give it a try ( that are the exact words ) and than i got some info about the account , pass word , MU3 link ( i guess ) and an epg link ( i guess ).
    So with all of this i need to give it some tries , i tried to open the url , was it not that the connection with iconic is not secure so chrome refused to search. Than after some setting ( let say it took about 30 minutes retyping all the shit and passwords ) i got an ( i think ) opening screen where i needed to fill in , my user name and password.
    And yeah halelujaaaaaaaaa god almighty , it failed , as the recaptcha was not ( i don’t know what ) ??? and i tried another 4 times to enter all the info in the login screen.
    And guess what ……………………………….. i closed this way , and tried with an other browser.
    Other browser and now not even possible to get to the login screen.
    So as far as easy to install , i think it really does not install at all.
    To talk about support ? wich support , the one that support the bank account of them as that is the only support , if i let the emails with absolutely no help in it a side than there is no support.
    At this moment i will wait to see in how they are going to react and i will keep you guys updated here , but if you ask me ?
    It looks another bunch of i don’t know what , doing something they don’t know what and the speed of cashing in the money is for sure lightyears faster as what i will see on my tv screen ………………… I do hope i can recall what i think now and repost in a positive way , but so far , this is not a happy customer here.

    • Update ,
      After endless looking on the net , i have found myself , not thanks to iconic , that this service could work on perfect player , so i installed this app and than i have found myself , no thanks to iconic , to make it work ( so so ).
      The channels do not show the epg ( even i have clicked so the menu show now , do not show epg ) still no epg , yes i have tried the other setting so it shows , show epg , but none of them show the epg.
      Maybe it is because i am using the free perfect player ?
      Maybe i need to use an other portal and not the perfect player , is there any one here who can advise me on that ?
      My findings so far , poor to none customer service , kinda pity if you ask me.

  28. Terrible service. No customer service to speak about. Totaly missleading website guarranty. Buffers all the time, to many channels do not load. I subscribed, and requested a refund the same day. They would not respond. This service is a rippoff as they do not care if your happy with
    their service or not. They have a TON of bad reviews by people who subscribed, they just take your money and do not responded. I am not sure why some of iptv review editors recommend them.

  29. I don’t understand why the thoughts I posted yesterday on your website where canceled. At any rate iconic stream is the worst service out there.
    Always buffers, channel do not load, but their customer service is as bad as it gets. They don’t respond, when and if they do they ask you to be patient because they do not have there own app. Mean time you already paid them. I tried to cancel the same day I subscribed, and they would not and have not responded.

    • There you go. Both your comments are posted, friend. I work full-time so I don’t always have the time to go through all the comments and approve genuine ones.

      Also, when we tested Iconic Streams, it was working great. And even recently when I tested it again, it was pretty good compared to some other services out there. But, I will look into it again and update the article accordingly. Have a nice day

  30. Interesting comments. I did try Iconic in January 2021 for 3 months and was generally satisfied with the service. So in early April I decided to renew my subscription – and there my problems started. I paid by Visa and saw the transaction show up on my Iconic account as “Pending”. I checked my online credit card account and observed that payment had been made. The next day my service was cut off with an onscreen message that it had expired. I went to my Iconic account and saw that the transaction that had been labeled as “Pending” was now absent. I did write down the transaction number that was attached to the “Pending” line. I filed a ticket and receive a reasonably prompt reply that they had no records me renewing my subscription. I persisted advising them that the online Visa statement showed a payment being made to them and also gave them the transaction number I had previously copied from my Iconic statement when my payment showed up there as “Pending”, but again received a reply (from “Moon”) advising me that they had no record of a payment received. I replied again asking them what the transaction number on my account referred to when it showed up as “Pending”. Did Moon ask his payment service what it meant? Suggested that they might be thieves. Received no reply – and of course made no more payments to them.

  31. Hola,

    Just purchased a month’s subscription from iconicstreams 7th June 2021, got the copyright warning on screen when their page loaded, “Moon” issued a ticket fairly quickly with a few suggestions, none of which worked, then lo and behold, their website goes down for days, the amount charged to my bank account was 14.26 euros and not 12.50 euros as stated on their confirmation emails etc, new adverts for iconicstreamstv start appearing on the internet, looks very much like a scam to me, will put it down to experience,


  32. It’s a sad situation with Iconic Streams. I’ve used them for 4 months, initially 1 month and then a 3 month sub. I was quite happy with everything, and they had been adding new channels that were local to me so that was a bonus. I do believe that they made some changes to the back end and there were some service disruptions that lasted for a day or so. Overall though they were two thumbs up in comparison to the 1/2 dozen or so other IPTV that I had tried over the past year. I would have re-subbed for another 3 months but the website has been DOA for weeks now. I went looking for information and found a ton of disgruntled people who have been ripped off unfortunately. So time to write off Iconic Streams as being up or being a viable option.

    • So just to update my opinion from above. I’ve switched to NecroIPTV and two things struck me right off the top. Channel offering seems to be identical including locals for Vancouver Island. The back end is the same as well (X ui). You have a choice of m3u or Mac address, you can change later on from one to the other using the ticket system. As well you can view from two devices included in the plan. This is not a endorsement for NecroIPTV as I’ve only been live for a few hours but I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be my new provider for awhile.

  33. Hi, Looks like iconicstreams.com has possibly morphed into iconicstreamstv.com hence disappearing with folks’ subscription payments in the process. No service, website NOT FOUND and no usable info. I would certainly watch out with the new name and what happens to it.

    • I think you are correct Frank.

      I sent emails to every site i could find with “ICONIC STREAMS” in it and suprise suprise, no answer.

      They are con artisits, i have had this happen before, they get caught for something, so a rebrand is in order and they just take our money and run with it.

      I have literally sent an email to these contacts several times and not one has replied once. I just tried today contacting ePay Global who processed my payment for Iconic Streams and no answer from them either.

      Why do these people all need to be crooked thives. I would like a little face to face time with the POS who runs this site.

  34. Hi Folks
    We recently bought a 3 months subscription with Iconic Streams and it didn’t work very well and stopped and then had a message about being banned and then stopped and we cannot get any response from them
    Strangely the same site appears to be alive and kicking here https://iconicstreamstv.com/
    However i left messages with no reply
    Even more strangely I received the email below from a different company called Necro Iptv and claiming they supplied the streams to iconic and saying they don’t know why they shut down and they aren’t in contact but we could by a subscription from them
    We never contacted Necro Iptv so how did they we were sending queries if they weren’t in contact?? Very Sus
    see the email below we received from this new bunch Necro Iptv

    Statement regarding Iconic Streams

    Dear Iconic Streams Customer,

    I apologize for the intrusion, but since we have had many inquires, iv think it’s best to clarify.

    We are Necro IPTV, the main and actual service provider for Iconic Streams IPTV.

    Iconic Streams like others was a reseller, this means we provided them access to our streams and servers which they branded as their own and paid a fee for access. Unfortunately, we don’t know why they shut down and have had no communication ourselves to share.

    You are welcome to join Necro IPTV to resume the same great service you had before, i.e. Two Connections, VPN can be used, MAG, M3U, Ministra and Xtream API Login support. While you were gone we have added Spain & Italy and hope to add France, India and Pakistan soon! If you are a reseller you can contact us through support tickets via the client area to see what we can offer, any customer can also contact us on support or purchase a sub directly on our website.

  35. Hi Folks
    We recently bought a 3 months subscription with Iconic Streams and it didn’t work very well and stopped and then had a message about being banned and then stopped and we cannot get any response from them
    Strangely the same site appears to be alive and kicking here https://iconicstreamstv.com/
    However i left messages with no reply
    Even more strangely I received the email below from a different company called Necro Iptv and claiming they supplied the streams to iconic and saying they don’t know why they shut down and they aren’t in contact but we could by a subscription from them
    We never contacted Necro Iptv so how did they we were sending queries if they weren’t in contact?? Very Sus
    see the email below we received from this new bunch Necro Iptv

    Statement regarding Iconic Streams

    Dear Iconic Streams Customer,

    I apologize for the intrusion, but since we have had many inquires, iv think it’s best to clarify.

    We are Necro IPTV, the main and actual service provider for Iconic Streams IPTV.

    Iconic Streams like others was a reseller, this means we provided them access to our streams and servers which they branded as their own and paid a fee for access. Unfortunately, we don’t know why they shut down and have had no communication ourselves to share.

    You are welcome to join Necro IPTV to resume the same great service you had before,

    etc etc etc

  36. How did Necro IPTV know we have been chasing Iconic streams if we never contacted them, never posted anything before tonight ? Necro IPTV claim not ot be in contact with Iconic Streams – this is something missing here
    at the same time https://iconicstreamstv.com/ looks like the same website as the iconic streams site that has disappeared ??
    Be very careful


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