Mobdro on Roku: A Step-by-Step Installation Guide For Setting Up Mobdro on Roku

Mobdro is one of the best apps for Android devices that lets you cut the cord without any problems. This app enables you to stream your favorite shows, live TV, live sports, and movies with just a tap. If you want to see how Mobdro helps you out in cutting the cord, then keep on reading. Below is a simple method that will let you install Mobdro on Roku within a few minutes.

There is no official Mobdro for Roku, but you can still enjoy this media streaming app on your Roku box as long as you follow the given instructions.

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What is Roku?

Roku is the name of a device (number of devices) manufactured by the company of the same name. It streams media like TV shows, movies, sports, etc. via the Internet directly to your TV. Roku devices often require minimal setup and easily connect to the internet. All Roku media streaming devices come with a built-in OS that lets the users manage and access the streaming content.

mobdro on roku streaming stick

There are three different types of Roku devices out there in the market:

Roku Box ($39) – This is a set-top box that connects to the internet via Ethernet (LAN) or Wifi connection. It can connect directly to your TV or Home theatre via HDMI cable (pretty similar to a Blu-Ray player or a Console).

Roku Streaming Stick ($49) – This is a compact little device similar to a USB flash drive that plugs right into HDMI port of your TV instead of a USB-port. The streaming stick connects to the internet via Wifi.

Roku TV (from $129) – This is an all-in-one solution that does not require you to connect any box or stick to your TV. Roku TV is a unique TV that comes equipped with the Roku operating system. The TV connects to the internet via Ethernet or Wifi. Popular brands that offer Roku TVs are Hisense, Insignia, Hitachi, Sharp, and TCL. Roku TVs also come in different sizes and different resolutions like 720, 1080, 2K, and 4K.

Is Mobdro for Roku?

Technically, it’s not the case. There is no official Mobdro app for Roku, but you can still enjoy this media streaming app on your Roku box as long as you follow the given instructions.

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Mobdro on Roku Features

Here are some of the features of Mobdro that suit Roku.

  • Mobro comes equipped with a sleep timer that makes your device not drain your entire battery when left inactive for a while.
  • Mobdro also allows you to save videos for future viewing.
  • If you update to Mobdro Premium, you can watch your favorite content without any ads at all.
  • Mobdro gives you access to Live TV, Live Sports, and a lot more on your Roku.

Things You’ll Need to Setup Mobdro on Roku

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Can I Cast Mobdro to Roku?

Yes, you can easily cast the Mobdro app to your Roku device. It’s a straightforward procedure that you need to follow, and your Android device will be able to cast the Mobdro app to your Roku. We have explained the entire procedure below, so you can check it out and see how you can set up Mobdro for Roku.

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How to install Mobdro on Roku? (Roku Box, Roku Stick, Roku TV)

1. First of all, download the Mobdro APK file on your Android phone or an Android tablet.

2. Connect your Roku device to your TV and make sure that it’s connected it to the internet.

3. Afterwards, go to the Settings menu on your Roku.

4. In the Settings menu, there is a Screen Mirror feature, simply turn it on.

5. Now, on your Android phone, head over to the Navigation Panel, and tap Cast.

6. Now, all you have to do is pair your Android phone with your Roku device to cast the screen and ultimately cast Mobdro on Roku. Make sure both devices are connected to the same internet connection.

Once done successfully, your Android phone’s screen content will show up on the Roku device.

Now, you can open the Mobdro app and enjoy it on your Roku device through Screen Mirroring. Any video you play on your phone will show up on your TV via Roku without any hassle.

We know this is a Screen Mirroring/Screen Casting procedure to use Mobdro on Roku, but that’s the only way you can do it. Roku doesn’t support the installation of Android apps or APKs, so this is a simple workaround to use your favorite Android streaming apps on a TV via Roku.

Roku Alternative Devices for Mobdro

Mobdro is an amazing streaming medium. This easy to use software can easily be set up on different devices which you might already own in your house. If Mobdro on Roku is not what you want, then the following are some of the alternative devices to setup Mobdro.

  1. Mobdro on Amazon Firestick
  2. Mobdro on Smart TV
  3. Mobdro on Android Devices
  4. Mobdro on Windows

Get Mobdro on Roku

Hopefully, now you know how to set up and use Mobdro APK on your Roku device in minutes. We still think that using Roku to stream Mobdro is an unintuitive way of streaming content because you need to have a separate Android device running all the time as well.

We recommend that you use another device like a Firestick or an Android TV box to stream Mobdro seamlessly without any hiccups.  Also, you can also use a laptop or a desktop computer instead of an Android phone/tablet to cast Mobdro on Roku. Now, go ahead and give it a try.

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